3 Tips to Learn to Ollie

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It is so so important to all of us here at Braille that you keep up your skating and get better every day. We love to see you progressing and having fun learning! Here are some helpful tips to help you learn how to ollie or get better!

Carlos Lastra

1) Avoid the lean.

Keep your upper body from leaning too much in any direction. Stay straight upright on your board and try only to bend at the knees and the waist. Don’t lean too far forward or else you will push the board behind you when you jump! Remember that the direction you lean is the direction the body will go to a large degree. Pop straight down and pop straight up!

2) How to pop the board.

Don’t over do it! You don’t need to push the tail of the board down with tons of force. Think of a lighter more snappy motion. Pop enough to hear the tail hit the ground nicely and then finish the ollie from there by sliding that foot forward!

3) Get sliding!

Don’t leave your foot flat on the board when you are sliding up. Turn and drag your foot up and forward. A lot of beginners have trouble with knowing to use the side of the foot when doing this step. It is critical to doing this with any height. This is what gives your ollies height and real movement. Don’t worry if your shoes are getting messed up, it’s part of the game!

There are so many more things that we can teach you through our YouTube channel and Skateboarding Made Simple. Check out this YouTube video to find out some more pointers on learning how to ollie. https://youtu.be/EdVueeaNAK0

Thank you all so much for your continued support and all the help to push skateboarding!



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