Aaron Kyro Manual Trick COTW 16!

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I went to shoot a photo with Joe Brook for a little check out in Slap and when I met up with him Mike-mo and Vince Capaldi were there.  We went to a few different spots and then ended the night at this ledge.  Mike-mo and Vince were doing doubles nosegrinds where they were both on the ledge at the same time and Joe was shooting photos of that.  It was a super fun day and awesome to skate with those dudes because they kill it. I thought this clip was funny because they skated in front of the camera and then make a comment about being a dooch.  Im not sure if it was Mike-mo or Vince but either way it was pretty funny.  Anyways comment and let me know what you think.



Aaron Kyro
My Name is Aaron Kyro and I am a Skateboarder and Film Maker originally from Montana but now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. brailleskateboarding.com - "I'm Feeling It!"
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