Braille Skateboarding was founded in 2007 by professional skateboarder Aaron Kyro.

Aaron started skateboarding at the age of 10 in a small Montana town where there were very few skaters. As a teenager, Aaron worked with the city of Red Lodge to receive a grant and build the first skate park ever in that town. Aaron went on to be sponsored by some of the best brands in the industry and eventually became pro for Revive Skateboards in 2014.

Aaron Kyro originally started Braille Skateboarding and this website to give skaters a platform to distribute their skate videos. At the time, YouTube was very new and skaters seldom put their content there. Distribution of skate parts and clips was very challenging. Aaron wanted to change that.

In 2005 Aaron put his video part onto YouTube. In fact, that first upload 12 years ago went viral in the skate world landing on the front page of one of the top skate websites.

As the internet changed and social media was on the rise, the need for a video distribution site lessoned and Aaron saw that the #1 missing element for the skate industry was skateboarding tutorials. Aaron’s passion was always how to help skateboarding and skaters. He knew that if more people were skating and having fun progressing, the industry overall would grow. That would help everyone from that brand new skater to the large companies. More skaters = more growth for the industry.

Braille Skateboarding comes for the term. “I’m feeling it”, that is to say, “I’m having a fun time skateboarding.”.

Braille’s mission is to show people all over the world the joy of skateboarding. We want people to see how fun skateboarding is and decide to start skating. We have tutorials that actually teach them how to skate and give them a community that will help them keep going and progress.

Over time Braille’s YouTube channel has grown to nearly 3 million subscribers. We are the largest skate channel on YouTube. Across our social networks we reach 10s of millions of people every month with the message that they CAN learn to skate and have a great time on their boards.

On this website you will find all of our free tutorials that will help anyone learn new tricks. You will also find our full lesson plan Skateboarding Made Simple. This is a 7 part series that will take you from beginner to advanced skating. It teaches the basics of skateboarding better than anything else out there. Skateboarding Made Simple has taught thousands of people how to skateboard.

In the fall of 2017 Aaron Kyro launched Braille Skate University. This is an online school that will take each member through full courses covering tons of skate tricks. Users will not only learn to skate, but learn how to film, how to start YouTube channels, how to edit videos, how to run social accounts and much more.

In our shop you will find all of our Skateboarding Made Simple volumes as well as everything you need to start skateboarding.

Our hope is you start skating and land every trick FIRST TRY! Your life may never be the same again.

Much Love,

The Braille Skateboarding Crew




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