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How to Build Confidence While Skateboarding

“I love skateboarding, but I’m having trouble with my confidence. How can I fix that?” We get told this a lot, whether it’s in Skate Supports, comments or skaters at the skatepark. Confidence is a tricky thing. It’s hard to progress in skateboarding when you’re not confident in your skills.  Yet, it’s hard to be […]

A Guide to Skatepark Etiquette

Grab your board and lets hit the skatepark The skatepark is often a haven for skaters everywhere. A safe area with obstacles and ramps you wouldn’t normally find in the street. In some areas, it’s the only place where you can try out new obstacles and really push yourself. It can also be very intimidating […]

5 Skateboard Accessories you NEED!

While you only really need your skateboard to skate, there are a few accessories and tools on the market that will really help you. Most of these items are for when you’re out on the town and skating around the street, though some of these accessories will help you to learn how to skate and […]

Skateboarding Made Simple

Are you interested in learning how to skateboard? Have you seen other skaters around town and want to learn those tricks? No matter if you’re scared, think you’re too old, or whatever the case is that might be holding you back, we have news for you. You can learn to skateboard! History My name is […]