I like Sk8 Box

Happy 30th Birthday to the one and only Ricky Glaser! Ricky embodies the very definition of kindness and positivity. 

The whole concept of "I like sk8" came from Ricky's observation that the skateboarding community could use a more positive mindset. He wanted to promote skating for the right reasons and to create a constructive atmosphere.  

The idea is that the proper response to any hate on things that are considered uncool in the skateboarding community is "I like sk8."

Only 100 boxes will ever be made. Includes the first "I like sk8" deck graphics ever made! Each box comes with a numbered and signed card from Ricky Glaser! 

This box comes with:

- 1 I Like Sk8 Skateboard Deck (Valued at $49.99)

***There are 3 I Like Sk8 Deck Designs, box comes with ONE deck of your choice. Design options are: Classic I Like Sk8, Unlimited Black I Like Sk8 and Unlimited White I Like Sk8***

- 1 I Like Sk8 Retro Hoodie (Valued at $49.99)

- 1 I Like Sk8 Retro Skate Tee (Valued at $23.99)

- 1 I Like Sk8 Collectible Pin (color chosen at random) (Valued at $9.99)

    - 1 I Like Sk8 Stickers(Valued at $5.00)

    - Pamphlet on the I Like Sk8 philosophy (Valued at Priceless)

    Valued at $138.96, discounted over 20% down to $99.99.