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Greek Mythology Box: Hades vs Zeus

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Welcome to our next "Mystery" Box, Greek Mythology Hades vs Zeus Edition!

 Zeus is the God of the Sky. Hades is the God of the Underworld. They face off in our new Warrior Box!

My GOD, it’s great to be doing this again. When I heard this box had arrived, I STORMED into the Braille House like LIGHTNING. I opened the box and was DEAD. The decks are just pure HEAT and cannot be UNSEEN. They are simply UNDERWORLDly.

Don’t miTHUNDERstand me, we have a lot of great decks, but these ones are FIRE. 

I hope you don’t MYTH JUDGE these puns.

Okay, I’ve got to BOLT.


This box comes with:

- 1 Zeus Skateboard Deck

- 1 Hades Skateboard Deck

- 1 Hades Skate Tee

- 1 Zeus Collectible Pin (color chosen at random)

  • Green - Ultra rare
  • Purple - Rare
  • Red - Uncommon 
  • Blue - Common 

- 3 Greek God Stickers

- Pamphlet on the Greek Gods Box 


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