Ricky's Braille Pro Model Skateboard Deck & Grip


 We are so excited to announce the first-ever Braille Pro Model Skateboard Deck & Griptape featuring none other than Mr. "I like sk8" himself, Ricky Glaser.

Ricky is the embodiment of what we stand for here at Braille and we couldn't be more stoked to have him on the team.

Ricky calls his pro model the "Inverted skateboard", which was inspired by Ricky's love for doing Darkslides which is a grind where you slide on the board upside down. This deck has grip tape as the graphic on the bottom and the grip tape features a graphic of trucks and wheels which makes for an optical illusion that's a little crazy and a lot of fun when flipping the board.

Comes with:

- 1 Ricky Braille Pro Skateboard Deck
- 1 sheet of Ricky Braille Pro Griptape

Griptape is not applied to deck unless you leave a request in the "Order Notes".