How to Kickflip!!

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Kickflips are easy – you just have to get a couple steps down well and then you’ve got it made! Don’t get frustrated by this one. It is possible to get it relatively quickly if you take it step by step.

1) How to Kickflip.

First of all, have your back foot perched in the back of your tail and your front foot on your board at a 45 degree angle. Now, when you flip the foot, you’re going to flick it right off the top right side of the skateboard. It’s almost going off the nose but not quite, it’s just going off to the side.

So, you’re going to slap the back of your tail on the ground and simultaneously your front toe is going to slide off the edge of the board flipping it. As soon as it turns around you’re going to catch it with your back foot. As soon as you catch it with your foot, you put your feet down and that’s it. You land and roll away! The secret of this trick is: having a good flick. You have to be able to flick your front foot off the side of the board well, spin it fast and catch with your back foot. Once you’ve got that flick down, where you can catch it every time and you feel good about it, it’s a good one to throw in and out of tricks. It’s a good one to learn really well and I highly suggest learning it because it’s a lot of fun!

2) Something to keep in mind!

Remember that it is still really important to learn certain tricks in order. If this is your first trick that you are trying to learn, it would be a good idea to go and learn how pop shuv and ollie first. Each trick builds on the others and makes it way easier to learn the more advanced tricks if you start with the earlier ones.

3) Last but not least.

Practice is so important in this sport! Try to practice every day if you can. For those stormy days, you can try out tricks in the garage. Keep on persisting in your skating and you will eventually see that you can skateboard and get really good! 

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Thank you all so much for your continued support and all the help to push skateboarding around the world!




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