How to Kickflip Skate Support #2

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This video was sent to me to get help with his kickflips. I think that the explanation in the video is pretty clear but I wanted to go over a couple other things to help any of you guys out with learning this trick really well. First I want to make sure that before you guys start trying to learn your kickflips you have really gotten comfortable with riding your board around, pushing, and keeping your balance up as well as ollies. The ollie is much easier then kickflips so should be mastered before stepping up to kickflips. This is very important otherwise the kickflips and harder tricks will just be too hard for you to learn. Now the main thing that I keep seeing time and time again other then what I already said is just the flick of the board. You have to really be jumping up and have your toe flip the board as if your lifting your toe into the air as gone over in my “how to kickflip tutorial.” Flipping your board by pushing your foot to the ground will never work as is covered in this video. Now the next thing that I think will help is that it will be easier for you guys to do the whole trick if you practice each part of the trick seperately before putting all of them together at once. Slapping your tail down is one part, sliding your toe up and off the board is another part and should be mastered before trying to flip catch and land the board. Just practice flipping your board and catching it with your front foot on the ground just to get the spin down if you need to. Ok so let me know how that goes and if you need more help please send me your videos!



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