How to Learn Skateboarding

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We wanted to share a bit about how the body learns and how to get tricks down really well.

Sometimes we get people that send us skate support videos and they describe how they have spent a ton of time trying to learn a trick and need help. A lot of the times they have practiced this same trick over and over but have had no real luck and have gotten this wrong muscle memory into the trick. Muscle memory isn’t this impossible thing to change, it just requires breaking down the trick and sort of overwriting the old data. You need to learn the right way to do the trick and then find out exactly where you are going wrong.

Aaron Kyro Heelfippin’

The kickflip is a great example because there is one thing that a lot of people do wrong and will stop you from ever getting the trick. This one alteration of the technique is pushing the board downward when trying to flick the board around. People do this over and over but it’s not right. The front foot needs to flick up and to the right and you will need to really practice this a lot to overwrite that old muscle memory.

Once you practice a trick many times incorrectly, you actually have to break the habit. It’s like if every day you went to school and wrote with your left hand and then one day the teacher was like “You’re not allowed to write with your left hand anymore.” then all of a sudden you have to learn to write with your right hand. Well, it would be super difficult. This is not going to be that difficult but if you learn skating incorrectly you are going to need to break the pattern that you have gotten into.

Remember that skateboarding is about fun but also a lot of practice. In many cases people will practice a trick wrong a hundred times and it ultimately makes the whole process more difficult. As Vince Lombardi said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”. This is so true and important to remember. Don’t let the desire to be perfect stop you from practicing but take a little time to find the information on how to do the trick and make sure you do it the right way.

There is a ton of information on how to do all sorts of tricks, available on the Braille YouTube channel but even better is to really follow Skateboarding Made Simple. Look over the trick you are trying to learn and then break it down into the parts and practice them separately until you can put it all together and start nailing it!

One of the biggest, most important points when you are working on a trick is to break it down into the different parts and practice them separately. When you are learning a kickflip for example, you should be just be breaking down the motion without even trying the whole thing all the time. Do each motion and really learn it then go to the next one, you won’t be disappointed at the speed you learn!

Landing your first trick and every new trick from that point on feels so amazing! It is a huge sense of accomplishment. Keep this goal in mind and remember that the more you know the more fun skating gets! Keep it up and know that we are here to help when you need it. 



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