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I am working on a much easier and more efficient way for you to send me your clips but for now just follow these directions and show me what you have. I know that I already uploaded pretty much the same video before but I wanted to remind everyone now that we are coming to the end of the summer that you can still send in those skate support, sponsor me, or fatality video clips. I also just really enjoy watching the clips that you all send. Again please make sure that the files are .mov and .mp4 because I have gotten soooo many videos that I could not use. If you have not seen your video up on my site in a video that I have created then chances are I didn’t get your video or something about it did not work so feel free to send it again if you would like to. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for all of your support, and keep skating!



Aaron Kyro
My Name is Aaron Kyro and I am a Skateboarder and Film Maker originally from Montana but now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. - "I'm Feeling It!"
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  • Dustin Lambert

    I have some problems when I Ollie and I havnt seen this in your video and that is after I land an Ollie I do a little hop and that’s when I fall off my board I also don’t know how to send a video so if you could send me an email I’ll be glad to send you the video also because of you I sold Items in my house to buy a board I did quite cause of a broken leg but after 4 years im willing to re learn everything

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