There is nothing like the feeling you get from landing a trick for the first time!

Skateboarding is so fun but it can be really hard. When you are not progressing or have too many failures, you might give up or think that skateboarding is not for you.

My name is Aaron Kyro and I am a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been skateboarding for over 20 years and through my YouTube channel and working with skaters one on one, I have taught millions of people how to skateboard.

From all of that experience, I have developed an exact method of teaching people how to skateboard. It’s foundation is in breaking down how to skateboard into exact practice steps to train your body and mind how to skateboard. With my method you will always progress, because there is always a step to work on and improve no matter how small.

Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-7 is the lesson plan that will take you from beginner to advanced skateboarder.

Here is an example of Jamie from Ireland who learned how to skate using Skateboarding Made Simple!

Get Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-6 package. It will teach you how to pick out a skateboard, how to find your balance and how to step by step become an incredible skateboarder!

In no time you will be landing ollies and from there more and more advanced tricks!

Do not waste time not progressing or training your body how to do it wrong.

Get Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-7!

You won’t be disappointed.

learn how to ollie kick flip
learn how to skateboard ollie kick flip

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