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I was sent this video for help on his kickflips and I was thinking that it might help more of you to just show you an example of a kickflip attempt and my critique of what to do to land it. Eventually I will set up a whole section where I will have all of the trick critiques that you could go browse through but not quite yet. Please comment and let me know if this helps anyone else…

thanks for uploading the video!!!! Ok so the main problem is just that your back foot goes straight down to the ground instead of being over the top of your board. So how to fix this right? Well you need to increase your board control in order to keep the board under you while still flipping under your feet. So I recommend if you havn’t already mastered ollies, frontside 180, backside 180, pop shove its, and front shove its, then you should because they are easier then kickflips but will help increase your ability to control the board and keep it underneath you man! In terms of your kickflips you are actually ver close! Its good practice to flip the board and keep one foot on at a time just to practice flipping it and getting that down. You have it down by keeping your front foot on so now practice catching it with your back foot and stepping off with your front foot just to practice with that foot. You should be catching your kickflips with your back foot and your front foot goes up and off the board causing the spin. After you really get it down where you can keep your back foot on you probably will get the idea and be able to land them fully but let me know if you need more help on this one still. Thanks! – Aaron Kyro



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