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In order to progress as a skater you must have persistence.

But what is persistence?

Persistence means that you are going to continue what you are doing no matter what comes up. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 1000 hours to land the trick. It doesn’t matter if it starts to rain and you need to move into the garage. It doesn’t matter if you need to come back to the trick the next day or the following week. Persistence means that you keep pushing and you keep trying and you never give up.

One of the coolest things about skateboarding is that it teaches you how to keep persisting and carry on through the mental and physical barriers to success.

This week at the Braille House Party we had an incredible example of persistence. Melanie had been at an earlier Braille House Party and stayed nearly to 11 pm working to land a kickflip down the 5. She didn’t land it that night, but that didn’t stop her from coming back to our next party and pushing herself until she landed it!

So you see, persistence is a major part of progression. You will not progress unless you decide that no matter what happens you will not give up.

But what if you are stuck? What if you have tried and tried and you feel like you are not progressing? How do you keep your persistence going? How do you not give up?

If persistence is so important in learning to skate and a key factor with progression, how do you keep that persistence going in the face of failure after failure?

A key element that is stressed in many Braille Videos and in the Skateboarding Made Simple Tutorials is skate to wins. 

Always end a skate session on some sort of win. If you have been working on an ollie for hours and have just not landed it and it’s driving you crazy, go back to basic riding and get better at kick turns. Then the next time you skate start on the ollie practice steps covered in our videos and Skateboarding Made Simple. You will land the ollie if you do this and never stop trying.

A good tip is to go back to something you can do and work to improve that.

This weekend Aaron worked on improving his skating by adding a heelflip variation to a line in the latest Braille Army Persistence video.

Always end your skating for the day on some sort of win or improvement. This will keep you coming back to skating and this will keep you progressing.

How do you keep yourself progressing? Let us know in the comments below!!

ps. Did you know we are holding a huge Braille House Party September 9th? It’s Aaron’s birthday weekend so it’s going to be a great party with skating, prizes, fun and progression! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS!!!!!!



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