Non-Abrasive Grip Tape!


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Save your shoes. Save the world.

Okay, no one really says that. But it is important to save your shoes!



DKL Griptape won’t rip your shoes because its material is similar to the rubber found on ping pong paddles. Tested and proved legit alternative to sandpaper. #morechoices


Instead of abrasion, we use concepts like molecular adhesion and the plow effect to achieve the same friction as sandpaper.

EXAMPLE: Similarly, a Gym VS Outdoor Basketball Court both provide the same grip, but only one will cut you up.



Skateboarding is expensive. Keep your shoes fresh and save money ($$$).



TIP #1: Applying DKL Griptape

  • 1. Cut with a razor not already dulled by sandpaper
  • 2. Trim the grip at a tapered angle
  • 3. Sand the edges down
  • *see also our “How To Apply” video

TIP #2: DKL Griptape works best if your shoes don’t already have giant holes in them since it’s designed to grip your shoe’s material.

TIP #3: For a good as new grip, simply wipe with a damp rag to clean.


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3 reviews for Non-Abrasive Grip Tape!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using DKL griptape on my deck since January, and I can say that the griptape has outlasted the life of the deck. Definitely a quality product, and my shoes are in perfect aesthetic condition! (Some of the stitching has been rubbed off after hundreds of ollies, but otherwise the black suede on my shoes are in great condition). Even the soles of my shoes are fine with this grip, traditional griptape would’ve made a hole a long time ago.

    I’m not very good at skating, but my brother has had no issues doing grinds or kickflips with my board. The biggest downside of this grip is that it’s extremely slippery when your soles are wet! If you avoid puddles (which you should anyways), you’ll be fine.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Gamboa (verified owner)

    Hands down best griptape ever. It grips and flicks just like normal griptape except it doesn’t do that annoying thing where it destroys my shoes. It’s going to be funny one day when we all look back and wonder why the hell we ever skated with sandpaper!!! =D

    Just a few things I’d recommend, get a flatfile. It’s like a night/day difference when gripping your board, and I haven’t had any issues with peeling. Second, clean the grip with a wet rag when it gets dirty, and its grip is good as new. I wipe mine down every now and then to keep it fresh; no need to buy grip gum either. Overall, really love what this company is doing and can’t figure out why this wasn’t done a long time ago. Switching to DKL Griptape for life! Straight fire!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best grip tape ever.
    Most reviews online didn’t take the time to apply the tape properly. I’ve got it on all my boards and it works just like grip tape, flip tricks, ramps, it takes about 20 minutes to get used to the feel and you’re away.
    Take the time to apply it properly and it doesn’t un-stick.
    Haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since (3 months) and my shoes are still brand new. I was buying a new pair of shoes every three weeks before.

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