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Bargain Bin Shoes

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Our bargain bin decks were such a hit that we're now offering bargain bin shoes!

Bargain bin shoes are in brand new condition but are not guaranteed to come in the original shoe box.

Color cannot be guaranteed but you can absolutely leave any color requests in your Order Note at checkout. If we have it, we'll oblige! If we don't have the color you've requested, we'll send whatever we do have available in your size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cameron Allen
The Best feeling shoes I have tried

I just started skating about 2 months ago now, started with a pair of etnies, and then a pair of vans, and these were by far the most comfortable and surprisingly had little to no break-in period in my experience. I landed my first kickflip in these and I was so stoked!

I did tear off the laces on my right shoe (flicking foot) and I think that is more of a ME problem because of how I ollie, and kickflip. but they are by far the best shoes I have skated in compared to Vans, and Etnies. They have a true-foot feeling while on the board for me, I feel like I had full control of my board wearing these.

Great Shoes, definitely will buy more braille shoes when I blow out the rest of my current ones.

M Crumm
Better than I expected

My 15 year old son asked for Braille shoes for Christmas. I’m absolutely not a skater and had no idea which shoes to pick so I went with the bargain bin. The shoes came in and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is fantastic and they look good too. Great service, fast shipping, excellent product. Thanks and Merry Christmas

Una Traynor

They are awesome i want them for myself!

bargain Bin Shoes

I coudln't tell the difference from the bargin to the normal priced shoes themsevles. The only difference was it came in a little messed up box that was it.
I didn't know the color of the shoes tell they showed up which I liked personally.

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