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Graffiti Box Stickers & Pin

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This pack includes:

- Graffiti stickers

- Exclusive Collector's Pin

  • Ultra Rare - Yellow 
  • Rare - Green 
  • Uncommon - Blue  
  • Common - Red  

- Graffiti Brochure 


Because there are so many easter eggs in this box, it felt appropriate to tell this gem of a joke: 

Why would you get married on Easter? 

Because you want to live hoppily ever after. 


You're welcome. 


Contest Details 

This box is the result of a graphic design contest we did earlier this year. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the winner of the graffiti art contest, Jesse aka BAESD.

Shout out to the top 3 contestants. 

- 1st place winner - Jesse Ornelas aka BAESD from California

- 2nd place winner - Jack Hockey from Perth, Western Australia

- 3rd place winner - Erick Naranjo Jimenez from Costa Rica


About the Graphics

Here’s what BAESD had to say about his graphic:

My design is inspired by anime and the video game Jet Set Radio on the OG Xbox! I really wanted to capture a lot of the easter eggs from the Braille channel so it gives off a Where's Waldo vibe while you try to find everything. I started with a 3d model I designed in Blender, then I finished my work in Procreate. My whole process will be posted to my YouTube. 

Customer Reviews

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Love the deck

Love the design and was delivered on time thank you!

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