Graffiti Zip Hooded Sweatshirt


This Graffiti Zip Hooded Sweatshirt is just as comfortable as it looks. 

  • High-quality
  • 80% Polyester/20% Cotton
  • Water-resistant
  • Removable zip-off hood with interior collar
  • Ribbing at cuffs and waistband
  • Thumbholes at cuffs
  • Media pocket
  • Standard fit
  • Great for all sports

This zip-up hooded sweatshirt is the result of a graphic design contest we did earlier this year. The graphic was made by the 2nd place winner Jack Hockey from Perth, Western Australia. Jack is a third-year graphic design student who grew up around skateboarding and surfing. Many of his early works were shirt and print designs for local skate and street brands. As a passion project, Jack has been involved with graphic design in the skating scene for a couple of years now, creating fan posters and designs shared on many known skating brands' social media such as Bones bearings, Thunder trucks, and Cariuma.

From the artist himself: The unorthodox approach to the graffiti design prompt I took when creating my submission was intended so that my art would stand out from the other hundreds of submissions. I went for something more modern than traditional graffiti, looking at it from a business standpoint and thinking about the cost of production and marketability. I decided to keep the design minimal with few colours so that multiple aspects could be interchangeable and printed at a low cost. The design itself portrays Aaron tagging the braille logo onto a wall.


5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sean Dougherty
Most comfortable hoodie I own

Super soft, hood comes off, warm, couldn’t ask for more

Andrew Saliba
Best sweatshirt I’ve ever worn

The Braille skateboarding sweatshirt, tshirt and board are amazing. The best sweatshirt, you can take off the hood if you’d like or reconnect it. It’s got thumb holes and is so freaking comfortable. The board was sick as well, all the graffiti and hidden gems are awesome. I wish I had asked to get it signed as well. Genuinely great skate wear, next on the list is Braille shoes. Always remember - I like sk8 (also Gabe skate more man wtf)