Knights Box

In celebration of New Skater November, we are releasing the next of our Warrior Series, the Limited Edition Knights Box! Only 100 boxes available. 

Every box purchase helps us get more beginners on skateboards. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey spreading the joy of skateboarding all over the world. 

I know we normally jump right into puns at the beginning of product descriptions, but we didn't this time because puns make us miss LanceAlot. 

In the wise words of Aaron Kyro himself:

"Knights have the focus of 1,000 suns and can slice through kickflips like butter."

Be a knight, slice that kickflip.

This box comes with:

- 1 Knight Skateboard Deck (Valued at $49.99)

- 1 Knight Hoodie (Valued at $59.99)

- 1 Knight Tee (Valued at $23.99)

- 1 Knight Collectible Pin (Valued at $9.99)

- 4 Knight Stickers (Valued at $9.99)

- Pamphlet on the Braille Knight's Box (Valued at Priceless)

Full box value is $153.95, discounted over 30% down to $99.99!