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Mind Control Pro Helmet By Andy Anderson

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Mind Control’s debut helmet features a minimal design, cooling vent systems, and Andy Anderson’s signature brim-style helmet.

The Pro helmet is constructed with a tough ABS Shell, high-quality EPS liner, removable vented comfort liner, and has been certified to meet World Skate and Olympic safety standards*.

*Safety Certification: CE EN 1078:2012 / A1:2012 Helmet for Skate & Bike

Customer Reviews

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Colton Greer
Thanks for the great helmet

This was my first purchase with Braille and everything went smoothly. Andy Anderson even left his signature on the box! Andy’s been my favorite modern skater and really inspired me to make this purchase, I had asked braille whether mediums or larges would come back in stock, and since there was no guarantee this helmet would be back in stock I risked getting the small size seeing as the measurements weren’t too radical between sizes. A medium might have fit a bit better, but as 6’2 skinny guy that small still fits snug with the adjustable straps. Haven’t had the chance to fall with it, but how many helmets can be claimed to be safe all the way to the Olympics level?

Thanks braille for creating both a safe and welcoming culture for new skaters


Everything is beautiful. I love the helmet. The matte finish feels and looks great. I have a small hat size of 6 3/4 so the small size is perfect. It looks like Andy actually signed the box also! He put a little skateboard under his name. Awesome. Andy Anderson is really amazing and has the brightest future. Thanks you guys for everything. - Jason

Happy With This Helmet

I'm really happy with my new helmet. Thanks Andy!

Sne Mehta

I bought this helmet because I don't feel comfortable skating without one, but I didn't like the way my old helmet looked and it was making me feel self-conscious to wear. This helmet looks a /lot/ better on me, and the padding makes it fit my head better than my old one does (I have a small head but the padding made the old one too tight). It looks exactly like the pictures and came with no defects.


My 6 year old is a huge Andy fan and Tony Hawk. He has been skating at Cream city in Milwaukee Wisconsin for 9 months and loves it. Loves the helmet, comfortable and great quality.

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