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RampTech 5-0 Skate Table

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The 5-0 Skate Table  

Fits right in your car! 

The 5-O Skate Table is finally here! The first fully modular and connectable Skate Table/Ramp system. Buy one, two or a dozen, the possibilities are endless. Create a manny pad, angled pad, table set up as big as you like, How bout a Wedge ramp? wedge to table? Manny pad? its up to you! Two tables can connect together with a plastic coping connector. The 5-0 Table is also connectable with a 5-0 Grind rail. Patent #US 8,635,728 B2 and US8196244.

Build hard !


  • Each 5-0 Skate table comes with all of the parts needed, including Wedge plate, plastic connector, Steel tube connector, Bolts and Wrenches
  • 3 Adjustable Height settings- 8", 10" ,12"
  • Modular, Expandable, Connectable, Portable
  • Durable, powder coated 22"x 46" 11 Ga. steel tubing
  • HDO Plywood top deck
  • Arcuate feet allow for any angle position
  • Lock pins insure they wont get lost
  • Comes in separate parts for easy transport
  • Ramptech Lime Green color   

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