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Spirit Animal Pro Series: Herrera Hummingbird Complete Skateboard

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Manuel Herrera AKA Mogely himself put tons of thought and care into the designing of his Spirit Animal graphic! This beautiful deck completely embraces Mogely's energetic and free spirit. This deck was inspired by the hummingbird folktale.   

What do you get when you cross a hummingbird and a doorbell?

A humdinger.

Comes with:

Each part of this Braille complete skateboard is of high-quality material and great for any skateboarder no matter their skill level. High-quality equipment is easier to learn on. 

This comes with a fully assembled complete skateboard of the highest quality.

• 100% hard rock Canadian maple Deck

• High rebound urethane Wheels (4)

• High grade Grip Tape

• ABEC 7 Bearings (8)

• Trucks (2)

• Hardware

The brand of wheels, grip, hardware, bearings and trucks will vary depending on stock availability. We generally use the following brands: 

  • Braille
  • Mini Logo
  • Blank Wheels
  • Independent
  • Bones
  • MOB
  • Jessup

If you have a particular request, put it in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate. 

*If you prefer to assemble the complete skateboard yourself, please leave an order note to "SHIP UNASSEMBLED".

Deck Info

Medium Concave
Length of deck ranges 31-32 inches

Medium Concave
Length of deck ranges 31-33 inches


Pro Shape

Pro Deck shapes were custom-made by  Professor Paul Schmitt at the PS Stix woodshop. Paul is one of the best skateboard makers in the world.

Manuel "Mogely" Herrera's Shape: 8” wide 14 ¼” Wheelbase 7” Nose 6 ¾” Tail = 32 ¼” in surface length

"The shape is flat and doesn't have steep concave, which is where I feel most comfortable" - Manuel "Mogely" Herrera

"These board have symmetrical nose and tail surfaces with a good medium depth concave. They are in the same size range and in general longer noses and tails will hit sooner when you ollie or nollie and shorter ones will hit latter with more windup.

Shorter wheelbases will turn tighter then longer wheelbases, since the mold surface is the same the shorter wheelbase will allow the nose to pick up easier and with more finesse. Longer wheelbase will be harder to pick up and will react more aggressively.

¼” in wheelbase difference is close to a 2% in change.

They showed me what they were riding, what they had liked in the past and we talked about what they liked and how they wanted their individual boards to perform and then we made modifications according to their feedback loop.

These number may look insignificant to you but if you try them with this knowledge you can find out what is right for you." - Professor Paul Schmitt, PS Stix

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