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It took me several hours to land this but I finally made it. I had to use special soft wheels, a fresh board, and super new sticky griptape to get it to flip fast enough. I tried slowing the video down as much as I could without it looking bad so you could see the spins of the board but as you can see there is still a lot of blur because the board is just spinning soooooo fast. Im pretty sure this one will be in the Guinness Book of World Records before the end of this month.

skateboarding made simple
Aaron Kyro worked for many years researching exactly what beginning skaters ran into and formulating the exact steps to help skaters progress.

He made hundreds of skate supports where skaters would turn in their footage and he would break down exactly what the issue was. Those videos helped millions of skaters, but also helped Aaron isolate common issues amongst all skaters in learning new tricks.

That is what makes Skateboarding Made Simple so good. It’s not just, “Here is how to do it”. It’s all of the steps to help every skater work out the exact steps they are missing and it’s based off years of research and working with new skaters!

Aaron Kyro is the top skateboarding instructor in the world and has taught millions of people how to skate with Skateboarding Made Simple!

You can learn to skate and have fun learning new tricks!

Buy Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-6! They are available as a direct digital download, iTunes and Google Play!

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learn how to ollie kick flip

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learn how to skateboard ollie kick flip

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Aaron Kyro
My Name is Aaron Kyro and I am a Skateboarder and Film Maker originally from Montana but now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. - "I'm Feeling It!"
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