Skateboarding in Ohio

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Last week I had the honor of skating with some of the best up and coming skaters in the world. They are part of the Force Wheels team.

How to skateboard

From left to right: Johnny Giger, Doug Des Autels, Andy Schrock, Aaron Kyro, Jason Park, Alex Buening, Jordan Hunter and Christopher Chann

For a full week we got to skate together, make videos, have fun and talk all things skateboarding. It was really awesome having all that talent in one place pushing each other and ourselves to skate better. It was the best!

I am back in California now and busy editing to get all the sick content we filmed there uploaded so you can see it!

For now, here’s the first video of Brain Ambs and Gabe Cruz’s game of S K A T E!

I can’t wait to show you the rest.

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