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FULL INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD! proudly introduces the third volume in the Skateboarding Made Simple Series which is all about grinds and slides!

I chose grinds and slides to be third in the series because they require more precision and skill then manual tricks and are a good next step after you have gotten some of your manual tricks down.   The skill required to ollie up and land exactly onto the edge of a ledge or a rail is pretty high and so this video is broken down into the most simple and basic steps in order for you to master each trick at your own pace.

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 3 is a complete skateboard grinds and slides tutorial!  Each trick is broken down into every step necessary to put together and learn the whole trick.  The tricks are also set up in the proper learning order from easiest to hardest.  The video is 1 hour long and it covers the following tricks:

  • Backside Boardslides
  • Frontside Boardslides
  • Backside 50-50s
  • Frontside 50-50s
  • Backside 5-0s
  • Frontside 5-0s
  • Backside Nose Grinds
  • Frontside Nose Grinds
  • Backside Nose Slides
  • Frontside Nose Slides
  • Frontside Tailslides
  • Backside Crooked Grinds
There is literally nothing like this available to skateboarders.  There has never been a whole video dedicated to this aspect of skateboarding and in proper sequence after Volume 1 and 2.  When I say that the SMS series are the most in depth video tutorials there are, just look at the length of the videos for proof.  Each Volume is an hour or more long and is broken down into the perfect gradients so you are never stuck on one trick.  Its not just a video that gives tips or tricks to land certain things but a full walk through breaking down each step into its separate parts so you can then put together all of the tricks.  Once you have these basic grinds and slides down there are so many combinations that are just steps away that its mind boggling.
Download the full 1 hour video for only $6.99!
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Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 3 Grinds and Slides

Length: 1 hour

File Type: .mp4 for Mac and PCs!

Size: 1.09 GB

Price: $6.99!



Aaron Kyro
My Name is Aaron Kyro and I am a Skateboarder and Film Maker originally from Montana but now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. - "I'm Feeling It!"
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