SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE VOL. 2 MANUALS FULL INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD! proudly introduces the second volume in the Skateboarding Made Simple Series which is all about My personal favorite skateboard tricks – MANUALS! proudly introduces the second volume in the Skateboarding Made Simple Series which is all about My personal favorite skateboard tricks – MANUALS!I chose manuals to be second in the series not only because they are my favorite but also because in the grand Skateboarding layout they are generally easier then ledges and rails or any other obstacle that you will get into tackling and I want it to be an easy step up from learning the basic flatground tricks in the first SMS video.  Manual Pads are easy to find at most skateboard parks or even right in front of your local super market.  The skill required to ollie up onto a flat surface is just not as great as it is to hit exactly onto the edge of a ledge or a rail which is what I mean when I say manuals are next in line after you learn you have learned your basic flatground tricks with “Skateboarding Made Simple.”

Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 2 Manuals is a complete how to manual tutorial video!  Each trick is broken down into every step necessary to put together and learn the whole trick.  The tricks are also set up in the proper learning order from easiest to hardest.  The video is 1 hour and 6 minutes long and it covers the following tricks:

  • How to Balance on your Skateboard
  • Manuals – including how to ollie in and out
  • Nose Manuals – including how to ollie in and nollie out
  • Manual frontside 180
  • Manual backside 180
  • Nose Manual Frontside 180
  • Nose Manual Backside 180
  • Manual Pop Shove it
  • Manual Frontside Pop Shove it
  • Nose Manual Frontside Shove it
  • Nose Manual Shove it
  • Kickflip Manual
  • Kickflip Nose Manual
  • Manual Kickflip
  • Nose Manual Kicklip
  • Progressing on your Manuals from here
There is literally nothing like this available to skateboarders.  There has never been a whole video dedicated to a certain aspect of skateboarding such as manuals before.  When I say that this is the most in depth video tutorial there, just look at the length of the video for proof.  SMS 2 is 1 hour and 10 minutes long and by the end of it you will master your manuals.  Its not just a video that gives tips or tricks to land certain things but a full walk through breaking down each step into its separate parts so you can then put together all of the tricks.  Once you have the basic manual tricks down you can progress into doing manual tricks that you never dreamed of. 
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Skateboarding Made Simple Vol. 2 Manuals

Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes

File Type: .mp4 for Mac and PCs!

Size: 1.43 GB

Price: $6.99!


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