Pat Byrd COTW 52

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1 YEAR OF CLIP OF THE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Switch Backside Flip over rail!

This is a very special COTW so I wanted to use a sick trick of a very good friend of mine Pat Byrd out of Billings Montana. When I first met Pat I was 12 and he was switch flipping a gap over a grate and into an alley that was literally about twice as long as I was. Even to this day Pat amazes me everytime we skate and thats why he deserves to be COTW 52!

Thanks for all of your guys’s help and support I wouldn’t still be making videos without you all! More videos to come in the future and if you like these one please share them with your friends! Thanks again and here is to another 52 weeks of skating clips! If you would like to submit your videos for COTW just send them to but you have to use a file transfer service to be able to send the large files and please send quicktime friendly files like .mov or .mp4 if you can.

Sincerely, Aaron Kyro



Aaron Kyro
My Name is Aaron Kyro and I am a Skateboarder and Film Maker originally from Montana but now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. - "I'm Feeling It!"
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