Reach Hundreds of thousands of skaters with your skateboard film!

By selling your video through you can reach Hundreds of Thousands of potential world wide customers that would of never gotten the chance to see your video otherwise. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to submit your video for the program.

There are 2 ways to sell your video through The first is to pay a flat rate and you will take 100% of the profits for all of the sales that your video makes. The flat rate is $250.00 US. The second way is to split the video sale profits with 70/30. You take a 70% cut and takes a %30 (after affiliates are paid out) cut for marketing and selling your video for you. The second way is the most economical as you do not have to use any money up front and you can just sit back and collect money each month as your video sells.

You can also See realtime data on your video as it sells by using the Affiliate platform.  See anytime how many videos you have sold and even how many people have clicked your video Ads so you can work on and improve your video sales conversions.

To submit your full length skateboard film for review to be sold as a digital download on the Braille Website you just have to complete a few simple steps.


Create a .mp4 version of your full length video. If you do not know how to do this and you have DVD copies of the video you can also send me the DVD and I will make the .mp4 version of the video for you. Email me here if that is the case


Put the above video file in a folder and Wetransfer it to me at If you do not know how to send me the file through WeTransfer follow the instructions in this video –


Sign up as an affiliate using your PayPal email address here – AFFILIATES

If you do not have a PayPal account get one for free here – PAYPAL
All Payments are made to your paypal account.

Once I get your file and approve your video to be sold on the website I will email you a contract, we will create the preview videos for your film, and shortly afterwards you can start making sales on your videos without doing anything at all!


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