The Braille Report – WOODWARD WEST!!!

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Hey guys! This is our first post in a weekly series that will give a round up of everything that happened in the Braille world that week as well as other cool things from the skate industry. We hope you like it!! Please comment below and let us know what you think!

Driving down to Woodward took longer than expected! We didn’t arrive until 2 am, but we were Snapchatting the whole trip. Did you see some of those posts? You can follow Braille Skateboarding on Snapchat with the user name @aaronkyro.

It was awesome being at Woodward. The facilities are really great and make you just want to skate all day and all night. It was fun working with the kids there and we created a ton of new videos that have been rolling out on the YouTube channel.

The kids and the Braille crew designed this new deck. What do you think of this design?

Woodward is the place where you want to push your own limits. Do you think Aaron dropped into this vert?

lance silber Aaron Kyro

Lance has been working to progress again. He skated the whole weekend and had the bruises to prove it!! Are you following Lance on Instagram? His user name is @lancesilber. Here is his updated kickflip video!!

If you want to learn how to Kickflip, the fasted way to do it is with Skateboarding Made Simple volume 1. It will take you through all the steps so you get better and better on the proper gradient of improvement. If Lance can learn how to kickflip, you can too!! It’s available as a direct digital download, but also on iBooks and Google Play.

how to skateboard
learn how to skateboard ollie kick flip

I am pretty sure we have all said these things! Garret Ginner has been featured on the Braille Skateboarding channel recently. This is one of his own latest uploads.

The Braille Gear Contest has been heating up and there are only a few more days left to enter! Here are a few of the entries!

We have recently relaunched a whole new YouTube channel just for the Braille Army! People all over the work are sending in their video parts to be featured!! Every week we will feature the top video of the week here. There is a new upload daily.

Sleep is for the weak!!!!! But honestly, we were exhausted after Woodward. All of us except Gabe, he went out skating as soon as we got back.

I hope you guys have an awesome week!! Please leave a comment below with any links to cool things you found this week or any content you created. Also, if you have anything you would like to see here in this weekly round up, let us know!



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