This Week on Braille

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This week on Braille

It was an awesome week on the Braille Channel this week! Jonny Giger dropped his second episode of Weird Skateboard Tricks with Giger, Aaron learned to skate a 2×4 on the new Skate Anything Series, Julian is learning to skateboard and we launched a new Skateboarding Made Simple progression series with Sabrina!

Also happening in the Braille world this week is a major sale on all our products and Skateboarding Made Simple! The sale ends tomorrow night at midnight so be sure to head over to the shop to grab some gear and your next SMS!

How to Backside Disaster the Easiest Way

Our New Winter Line!

Landing Your First Double Flip!

Sarah Learns Rock to Fakie

Doug and Aaron traded boards and played a game of SKATE!

Shark Wheels and Suspension Trucks?!

The Ollie Higher Challenge!!

Weird Skateboard Tricks With Giger!!

The Struggle is Real

Julian at the Skatepark!

14 Year Old Game of SKATE

We are looking forward to putting Sabrina through SMS 1!

Our first Skate Anything Series Episode!

We hope you had an awesome week! Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the US and for those of you in climates where it snows or rains a lot, we’re hoping there’s a break in the weather so you get a chance to skate a bit. If not you could always try this!


Snowskating is tech! Ambition Snowskates

Posted by Tony Hawk on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sale Ends 11/30!


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