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The Best Beginner Complete Skateboard

Best Beginner Complete Skateboard

One of the frequent questions we’ve gotten over the years is, “I want to start skateboarding, what board should I get?”

When you’re first starting skateboarding, you want a good, solid board that will help you get comfortable riding. Often times beginners opt for a super cheap board so that they can try out skateboarding and see how they like it before spending too much.

The problem that can occur with this is that most cheap boards are just that: cheap! With low quality wheels, trucks, and more, an already daunting task of learning to skate can become impossible.

We’ve tried out many cheap beginner boards and let me tell you, they are not giving someone a fair chance to learn to skate. Sometimes the board barely rolls...

With this problem in mind, and seeing how much of our audience are actually beginners, Aaron Kyro decided to design a complete skateboard specifically for beginners.

He researched out and tested the highest quality parts, item by item, and figured out the most cost effective way to assemble a high quality complete in bulk, bringing the price way down.

We now have a board that is comparable to a pro-level board, for the price point of only $99.99.

Best Beginner complete

Since releasing this board, we’ve gotten 89% 5 star reviews and it’s become our top selling product week after week, month after month.

If you’re a beginner or simply need a new board to get started skating again, we highly recommend on end taking advantage of our Best Beginner Complete.

Watch Aaron’s full video explanation where he walks through the special features of the Best Beginner Complete that he had in mind when designing it.

Read more about the Best Beginner Complete Skateboard here.

If you have any other questions about the Best Beginner Complete, leave them in the comments below! 👇

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