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There is nothing like the feeling of landing a skateboarding trick for the first time! 

Aaron Kyro has been skateboarding for over 20 years and has helped millions of people learn how to skate.

With Skateboarding Made Simple and anyone can learn how to skateboard and do skate tricks.

You CAN be a great skateboarder! 

The 7 volumes will take you from basic riding to advanced tricks and ramps.

Get Skateboarding Made Simple and start progressing on your board today! 

What is Skateboarding Made Simple?

More Results From Skateboarding Made Simple!

You can learn how to skateboard and do skateboarding tricks!

Braille Skateboarding was started to help everyone learn how to skateboard. With our free tutorials and our full skateboarding lesson plan, Skateboarding Made Simple, you can be a great skateboarder!

Here at Braille, we want everyone to feel like they can progress on their board and learn to skateboard.

On our “Learn to Skateboard” page you will find all our basic skateboarding trick tutorials for free!

With Skateboarding Made Simple you will go from basic riding to the ollie and then move on to more challenging skateboarding tricks.

Thanks for coming to our website! Be sure to check out all the tutorials and pages full of skateboarding trick tips and help!


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