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Clear MOB Griptape

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Clear 10" Mob Grip Tape

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Shows the stuff underneath clearly

Stephen mohnke
I owe yall.

I recently placed an order for two decks and 1 grip tape. When I received my order I saw both deck but no grip tape, so I reached out to you guys and y’all very kindly sent me one. After receiving the replacement tape I went to throw away the box and the original grip tape was flat and clinging to the side of the box so I couldn’t see it. But with that being said I would like to make it right, just tell me what I owe yall for the 2nd one I got sent. Thank you

Thanks for your support and don't worry about it! Have fun skating!


Mob grip is the best, it's grippy and with dthe perforations it's a breeze to apply to a deck. I like to slap a bunch of stickers to the top of my deck before gripping it, which is why I got clear grip. Also clear grip tape makes it harder for people to see how bad your cut job is on the edges XD

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