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Braille Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

With the Holidays quickly approaching, it’s crunch time to get all of your Holiday shopping done! With many of us flocking to shopping malls or Amazon to find gifts for our family and friends, one question still remains; What should I get for that special skater in my life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, don’t be alarmed. You’re not alone. The good news is, we are here to help! We have an incredible selection of gift ideas for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels. This post will highlight some of the fantastic products in our Online Shop that any skateboarder would be thrilled to receive.

We believe that giving the gift of skateboarding is one of the best things you can do for someone, so why not help us on our mission to push skateboarding all over the world and check out this Holiday Gift Guide for that special skater in your life. 

Blank Complete Skateboards

Many pros tell the story of their first skateboard as a Christmas Present. Well, let’s make that a reality. Buying a skateboard for someone else can be hard. You don’t know the graphic they like, their size, etc… Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

While we have many complete skateboards to offer, our favorite is our Blank Completes. They’re made as the same, durable materials from our other skateboards, but considerably cheaper because there’s no graphic. If you’ve been looking to buy a board for some time, this might be the exact right time!

Braille Beanies

Skate beanies

A must-have for all skateboarders this winter. Available in either red or blue, these beanies are designed to keep your head warm and make you look good in the process! Go ahead and represent the Braille Brand while skating.

For this upcoming Holiday season, give the gift of warmth and adorn a skateboarder’s noggin in a finely woven Braille Beanie. The best part? These beautiful Braille Beanies are one-size-fits-all! For your convenience, we have made these readily available in our Online Shop. 

First Try Hoodies

Another warm winter wearable that is sure to bring joy and comfort to any skateboarder, our First Try Hoodies are available in black and feature “first try!” printed in white. 25% of all profit made on these First Try Hoodies is donated directly to the First Try Foundation.

The First Try Foundation was created as a resource for people worldwide to acquire a skateboard, regardless of their finances. Braille Skateboarding wants to give back to the skateboarding community, and when more people are skateboarding, everyone in the industry wins!

So spread some Holiday joy not only to that special skater in your life, but to less fortunate skateboarders around the world through the purchase of a First Try Hoodie. Check them out in our Online Shop and place your order today! 

Braille Skateboarding Hand-Board Package

Let’s face it; no matter where you’re located in the world, some days it’s simply not possible to go out and skate. Whether its an injury, bad weather, or a broken board, sometimes a skateboarder just needs to take a day off. What better way to spend that day off than playing with one of Braille’s custom Hand-Boards?

Hand-Boards, Hand-Skates, no matter what you may call them, Braille Skateboarding offers a variety of these fantastic miniature 11-inch skateboards. These mini skateboards are perfect for rainy days, or any other type of day for that matter. When you purchase the Hand-Board package, you’ll be saving money and you’ll receive all four models of our Braille Hand-Boards.

Graphics include the mini Aaron Kyro Warrior graphic, the Braille Golden-Gate graphic, the Braille Straight 80’s graphic, as well as the classic blue and white Braille logo graphic. Check these out individually in our Online Store, or as a package for some sweet savings. Order yours today!

Skateboarding Made Simple

No matter the season, Skateboarding Made Simple is the gift that keeps giving. With 9 volumes covering many different aspects of skateboarder, Skateboarding Made Simple will take the viewer’s skateboarding to the next level! Simply watch our tutorials, put in the practice and hard work, and progression is pretty much guaranteed!

These volumes break down each trick into the simplest terms to help skateboarders grasp the necessary concepts required to land their next trick. Each of the volumes go over their own type of skateboarding, with the goal of advancing your skateboarding skills. For instance, Volume 1 goes over the basic tricks, while Volume 3 goes over skateparks and ramps. As you go through all 9 volumes, you’ll be able to go from a beginner to advanced skater in very little time!

These volumes are available as a digital download so there is no need to wait for shipping! If you need a last minute gift this upcoming holiday season for that special skater in your life, look no further than Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-9. Be sure to check out our online shop and download Skateboarding Made Simple today!

Skateboarding Made Simple how to skate vols 1-9

In Conclusion

Braille Skateboarding is confident that after reviewing these great products in our Online Shop, your Holiday shopping woes will melt away! Don’t let stress take over this season, let Braille do the heavy lifting for you. All of our products are of the highest quality and Braille stands behind each of the items in our shop. We sincerely look forward to being a part of your Holidays, and we thank you for helping us push skateboarding all over the world… FIRST TRY!

Do you already have some Braille gear? Show us! Snap a photo and tag us @brailleskate,#brailleskate and #brailleskateboarding on Instagram. We love to see you guys progressing and representing the Braille Army. So go out there, have fun and keep skating!

Written by Joe Kovacs

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