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Braille Red Lodge Skate Shoes

Braille Red Lodge Skate Shoes

We are so excited to announce the second generation of the Braille Skateboarding shoe, the Red Lodge.  After the success of our initial shoe release, the First Try design, we knew had to apply “Two to Make it True” and create a second design that was completely different from the first.  We love the First Try design and it will always be carried on our shop.  However, we felt the need to pay homage to Aaron Kyro’s hometown and the evoke the feeling of learning to skate in the 1990s which was an incredible time of growth for the skate industry and a time that really shaped the modern skate culture.

With a sleeker aesthetic and a mix of materials, the Red Lodge is a modern shoe with an old school vibe.  The sole is a custom cup sole designed with both durability and board feel in mind.  The shoe upper is mix of strong canvas and suede along the toe and heel portions of the shoe to help the shoe stand up against wear from all those Ollies!

Braille Skate Shoe

We took into account a lot of customer feedback and the toe area is wider and the suede is a less stiff than the First Try shoe.  This enables comfort from the very first wear right out of the box, no “breaking in” needed. The new sole is also designed with the feedback in mind and is less sharp at the edge with a more rounded transition from shoe to sole.


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