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Braille vs Camp Woodward!

The Braille team recently visited Camp Woodward and, as usual, had an amazing experience learning and skating with so many incredible skateboarders. With some downtime and the park to themselves, the Braille team and the staff at Camp Woodward, which consists of talented skaters, bikers, scooter-ers, and rollerbladers, decided to have a little fun! We know what you’re thinking… Another game of skate? Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Ricky Glaser thought to switch things up a bit with a game of SPOT BATTLE! With our friend Blake acting as judge, the Braille team and the Woodward staff will play to the letters W.O.O.D.W.A.R.D by setting a trick, where the other team has to match by landing something “cooler”. If a “cooler” trick doesn’t go down, the defending team gets a letter. No pressure for Judge Blake, right?…Right? You’ll have to watch the video below and see how it all went down. Enjoy!

Game of W.O.O.D.W.A.R.D Results

  1. Woodward was able to give the first two letters with their crazy bike tricks.
  2. Desperate to give the Woodward staff their first letter, Nigel decided to send a BACKFLIP on a bike! Although Camp Woodward tried to match it with a successful scooter backflip, Judge Blake ruled in favor of Nigel’s amazing cross-discipline backflip on the BMX bike.
  3. The Woodward staff proceeded to get absolutely buck with a manual on the bump-to-bar with a bar-spin out. Ricky attempted to match with a 5-0 f/s 180 out but was unsuccessful. Things were starting to look ugly for Braille, now at W.O.O.
  4. Once again, Nigel would get it done for the Braille team when he gave Woodward an O by doing a tail-whip on a scooter, but landing back on his skateboard. Though Woodward landed a tail-whip on a scooter while wearing rollerblades, Judge Blake ruled in favor of Nigel’s new trick.
  5. After some crazy tricks and even crazier matches, Braille was on their last letter with the Woodward Staff getting Braille all the way to W.O.O.D.W.A.R… Would Braille be able to mount a comeback?
  6. It would be Lee with the BMX “Mole Roll” over the channel gap for the Woodward Staff that would finally take Braille out of this amazing game of W.O.O.D.W.A.R.D spot battle.
  7. Final Score: Team Woodward – W.O.O. / Team Braille – W.O.O.D.W.A.R.D.

We had an incredible time making this video and we hope you enjoyed watching it! We are so grateful to Camp Woodward and their dedicated and talented staff for making this video possible. For everything you need to learn how to skateboard, visit our Online Skate Shop. Looking to progress your skateboarding even further? We have full skateboarding tutorials, high-quality skate gear, and the freshest Braille apparel in our shop. Now get out there and SKATE!

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