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How to Backside Cancel-Heel Body Varial

why are we calling it the “Ouch Dad Flip”? You’ve got questions, and in the video below, you’ll get the answers you seek. Still not convinced? Well, technically this is a “Persistence” video featuring Jason Park. Considering how good Jason is at skating, you definitely don’t want to miss this. By the way, the backside cancel-heel body varial is a half-flipped backside 180 heelflip body varial, where the back foot does a late downward flick on the board to get it back grip-side up, which effectively “cancels” the heelflip. Then, you ride away in your regular stance. In the video below, Jason attempts the trick on the hip and breaks the trick down beautifully for Chris and Gabe. Follow Jason’s lead, watch how the master does it, and with enough practice, you’ll be “Ouch Dad Flip”-ing in no time.

How to Backside Cancel-Heel Body Varial

  1. Ride at a comfortable speed with your feet set up in your backside heelflip position.
  2. Pop the trick just like you would for a backside 180 heelflip, and rotate your hips and shoulders to simultaneously begin your body varial.
  3. Once you finish the body varial, and as you’re hovering above your half-flipped board, use your back foot (the foot you popped with) to flick down on the board. Think of it as a late flip, though it’s more like a late heel.
  4. If done correctly, your back foot should flick the board back to its regular position, which will allow you to stomp those bolts and roll away in your regular stance…FIRST TRY!

Helpful Tips

Still trying to wrap your head around it? Don’t worry, this is a definitely tough one. There are a few tricks you can learn first that will really help you with the backside cancel-heel body varial. Jason Park recommends learning backside 360s on flat, as well as learning how to heelflip body varial. Once you get those tricks down, you can start learning backside 180 heelflip body varials. With those in the bag, you’ll only need to figure out the back foot’s downward flick to accomplish the cancel-heel part of the trick. To help with this, you can try learning late flips, though it’s not entirely necessary. It will take time, so just keep playing around with the half-flip / back foot flick, and eventually, with enough persistence you can join the ranks of Jason Park and impress the world with your backside cancel-heel body varials. One thing we can’t help you with though is explaining why it’s called the “Ouch Dad Flip”. You’re on your own for that one!

As always, a huge thanks and shout out goes to Jason Park for helping make this video happen! Be sure to follow him on his Instagram and Youtube. For everything that you could possibly need to get started with skateboarding, or to progress even further with your skateboarding, visit our Online Skate Shop! We have everything you need, from skate gear and tutorials to the freshest Braille apparel, so be sure to check out our latest deals. Now get out there and SKATE!

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