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How to get a #BillionViews on YouTube

Learn how to create a wildly successful YouTube channel doing whatever you love doing most

Want to live your dream

Turn your passion into a thriving and lucrative career.  You can create a wildly successful YouTube channel doing whatever you love doing most, no matter what it is. In this book, we break down exactly how you can do this.  Learn the tricks of the trade from Aaron Kyro, who created a YouTube channel that has over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. 

This book is a quick read that will give you the vital information you need to grow your YouTube Channel.  Walk through exactly what we did to hit 1 billion views.  Learn from our mistakes and our successes.  Aaron lays out in detail all of the secrets, tips and tricks to growing your channel and pulls back the curtain on what makes some YouTube channels succeed and others fail.

No matter what was happening in my life I could step onto my board and all of life’s problems would drop away.  It brought me a feeling of freedom and a sense of individuality that I will never lose.  Those same feelings of freedom and individual expression are why I also love YouTube.

Aaron Kyro

In this book you will find practical exercises that will put you ahead of the game and well on your way to YouTube success. It also has inspirational quotes to help push you through the tough times. This is your inside look into how Aaron Kyro made Braille Skateboarding happen.

What you’ll learn in the book

  • How to live your dream every day and turn it into your career
  • The secrets to growing a massive following
  • The reasons people fail while others succeed on YouTube
  • How Aaron grew Braille Skateboarding from nothing to a billion views

How to get a billion views on YouTube

how to get a billion views on youtube



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