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Skateboarding Insoles: Why You Should Use Them

In this issue of the Braille Buyer’s Guide, we will be discussing skateboarding insoles. Insoles that have been made specifically for skateboarding are slightly different. They allow skateboarders to absorb impacts that normally would render our feet bruised and battered. This makes it more comfortable to do tricks from higher levels of impact and prevent injuries.

Skateboarding insoles reduce foot pain that you might encounter while skating. Because, we know you’ll be landing primo, hopping down stairs and taking your skills to new heights. Having insoles helps with that a lot.

The following article will help to define insoles, explain how they are manufactured and how to choose the correct size. We also review some of the notable companies producing skateboarding insoles.

We have to say that if you’re new to skateboarding, don’t get caught up in all the little gear that you think you might “need”. Insoles for skateboarding are really great products, but aren’t necessary when you’re first starting out. Consider buying a pair when you’re jumping down 5 stairs or doing some more advanced tricks.

Skateboarding Insole Definition

Typically speaking, an insole is defined as the fixed inner sole of a shoe or, a removable sole worn in a shoe and used for added odor protection, comfort, and or warmth.

Skateboarding insoles are slightly different in that they are removable soles worn in your shoe. Skateboarding insoles are used mostly to protect your foot from the pain and damage associated with absorbing impact from landing and or bailing tricks.

Some skateboarding shoes will have great insoles designed to absorb the impacts associated with skateboarding already installed. Unfortuantely, most skateboard shoes on the market have stock insoles that don’t hold up as well as custom-fitted skateboarding insoles. 

So, below is a brief synopsis of how skateboarding insoles are made.

Manufacturing Skateboarding Insoles

One of the most trusted companies producing skateboarding insoles today is Footprint Insole Technology, also known as FP Insoles. We love this company and believe these guys are among the best. We stand by the products of FP Insoles and uses their insoles in most if not all the Braille videos you’ve seen on Youtube!

Obviously, we don’t know all of the secrets that go into making these amazing skateboarding insoles. But, we do know that they have two amazing features; impact protection and molding technology.

Some Background

FP insoles use high-density memory foam nanotechnology. This is the same technology that is military manufacturers and NASA uses. They aren’t using the technology for skateboarding insoles, mind you. Think more along the lines of “blast mitigation” and “vibration dampening”. Imagine having that protection in your shoes. Well, you can!

These things hold up to the BRAILLE DROP! That’s pretty impressive. Another great aspect of the memory foam is that after each impact, the insoles will return to their original state. They’ll still feel brand new even after repeated heavy impacts. 

The open-cell foam used by FP insoles allows moisture to escape the insole, which improves breathability. This prevents bacteria and fungus from growing, because nobody wants that.

The best way to ensure there is no bacteria or fungus growing in your insoles is to clean them after a month or two. It’s as easy as using hot water and sunshine to clean FP insoles. That’s another reason why we love them so much. One less thing you will have to worry about.

Be sure to follow the instructions provided with all FP insole products to properly fit your foot to the insole and get the most comfort possible out of your skateboarding insoles.

Insoles Technology

Since every foot is different, stock insoles tend to be flat. That isn’t really doing anyone any favors. Because of this, skateboarding insole manufactures wanted to make a product that could help every skateboarder, no matter what kind of foot they have.

FP insoles “Gamechangers” feature technology that allows their insoles to mold exactly to your foot. This improves balance and helps provide support and stability. To properly use these insoles you’ll need to heat them in the oven. We know, kind of weird. But after that, follow the FP Insole molding process. As the insole cools down, the shape of your foot will start to form and become firm. This is essentially molding to your feet, creating a custom fit to your foot.

Even if you get new shoes, you can just repeat the molding process. FP Insoles can be remolded to new shoes with no problem. You can find more great information on Footprint Insole Technology on their website here.

Other Skateboarding Insoles Manufacturers

FP Insoles really are amazing. But, we wanted to explore some other amazing companies. Since it’s a very specialized product, most of these companies and manufacturers were created by skateboarders. A couple of these Skateboarding Insole companies are REMIND INSOLES and etcetera.

REMIND INSOLES have developed their own proprietary blends of materials after 35 years of biomechanics and biomedicine practices. Through testing with a legendary team of professional skateboarders and athletes, REMIND INSOLES offers support, comfort, and alignment for skateboarding.

You can find more information about REMIND INSOLES products on their website here. We recommend trying these insoles as well to see what feels better for you. As with everything in skateboarding, this is all personal preference.

Skateboarding Insole Sizing

Insole sizes are based off the same sizing system as your shoes. Skateboarding insoles will be sold by a size range that can vary by either one-half size or one full size. For example, if you’re a US size 10.5 shoe, look for insoles with a US size of “10-11” or “10-10.5”.

The insoles are sized this way since they can be cut to your exact shoe size using a pair of scissors. Remember to follow the specific sizing and fitting instructions for the different brands of insoles to be sure you’re getting the most out of the product. 

Insole Impact Test

Over the years, Braille has also made a few video reviews on Youtube, testing various generic insoles, skateboarding insoles, and other random items (e.g pop-tarts?!) We’ve included a couple of those videos below so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already! Ah yes, the crazy things we do when reviewing products.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this information to be helpful in your quest to find the perfect skateboarding insoles. With a solid pair of skateboarding insoles under your feet, you’ll be able to skate harder and dare we say, have even more fun?! Well, we said it. Get some insoles, have some fun and land your best trick FIRST TRY!

If you’re new to skateboarding and looking to improve your skills, definitely check out Skateboarding Made Simple. It’s the most detailed lesson plan for skateboarding that exists. With 9 different volumes, you’ll go from learning how to ride on a board, to skating skateparks and landing more advanced flatground tricks in no time!

We want to see what you’re riding! Send us a photo of your deck or setup and tag @brailleskate, #brailleskate and #brailleskateboarding on Instagram. We love to see you guys progressing and learning new tricks. In order to do that in the best way, you need some high quality gear. So let’s see those setups that you’re rocking and be proud!

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