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Who is on the US Skateboarding Olympics Team?

Who’s on the US Skateboarding Team for the Olympics?

This might be the question that you are asking yourself. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Because this is skateboarding’s first year competing in the Olympics, it seems like they’re still hammering out the fine details.

So what’s the deal? Who’s on the Skateboarding Olympics Team? How do you qualify for it? Is Tony Hawk going to be there? We’ll answer all of these questions and any other ones you might have.

The Qualifying Process

The biggest confusion behind the Olympics is picking out the competitors. You’ve probably seen many names, but you’ve already heard that there are only 16 spots. So, how does this work?

Selecting the competitors is based on a point system. These points are earned by skating in specifically sanctioned skateboarding events. There are two qualifying seasons. The first was from January 2019 to September 30, 2019. So this one has already happened.

The second qualifying season is from October 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. The skater’s best two scores from the first season get added to their best 5 scores from the second season. This will create the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings.

From this ranking, you will get who is eligible to compete in the Olympic games. Now, part of what determines this is that there are quotas that have to be met for each country and continent. This way you can have an equal balance of skaters from different countries and not only skaters from USA, Japan, and Brazil. 

The National Team

So this is going to be how the skaters are going to be chosen. But wait, how is there already a national team chosen. You have seen the pictures. They’re even wearing the USA team jackets. Now you are telling me that those might not be who is actually skating in the Olympics? Yes.

The National Team are the skaters that have been selected to be supported to making it to the Olympics. So, they may have the support to get to the Olympics, but they still need to qualify. For instance, Nyjah Houston. Of course he’s good enough to be in the Olympics. So he has the support of his brands and the Olympics to be apart of the team, but he still needs to qualify.

So as you saw above there are two qualifying seasons. The second one has only just begun. The Skateboarding Olympics team is not set at all. You will have to keep following as the season goes along. I am sure that as we get closer and closer to the end of the season you will start seeing and hearing announcers talking about each person’s Olympic standings. 

More Potential for Skaters

Just because you do not see your favorite skaters on the National team does not mean that they are not going to be skating in the Olympics. They are still just as able to make the Olympics as anyone on the National Team. They just have to skate well in the contests to score highly. If it is high enough, then they will be in. 

It’s set up this way so more skaters can take part of this. This keeps pushing the sport and keeps it fresh. In theory you could have someone that you never heard of getting into the contests and doing so well that they could make it.

Chances are, you will hear about them before they are in the Olympics and someone doing that well in a contest would grab some attention. The point being that it is not closed to only those 4 people named. More people can compete and it is anyone’s game. 

US Skateboarding Olympics Team

With all that being said, here are the skaters picked out for the National Team right now. There’s a total of 4 different teams, split up into 4 different categories. These are:

  • Women’s Park
  • Women’s Street
  • Men’s Park
  • Mens’ Street

This way, all skaters can participate, despite whether they prefer skating transition or skating street.

We’re also very excited about having a women’s team! We think it’s important to highlight all the skaters and show everyone it’s definitely not just a man’s sport.

Check out this video of Kendra Long, a 13 year old skater who’s goal is to make it all the way to the Olympics. at age 13 and the amount of stuff she’s doing right now, she’ll be competing in the Olympics in no time!

Women’s Park Team

  1. Brighton Zeuner from Encinitas, CA. She won 2 X-Games Skateboard Park Gold medals. She is one of the youngest X-Games gold medalists ever at just over 13 years old. But the kicker is, she is 15! Check out this video to see what she can do.
  2. Bryce Wettstein has been skating and surfing since she was 5 years old. Is a professional skateboarder and High school student from Encinitas CA. In the 2017 Vans Park Series, Wettstein placed 2nd after a run that scored: 83.43. She finished behind Brighton Zeuner’s 84.69 and ahead of Nora Vasconcellos’s 82.36.
  3. In 2018, Bryce placed 2nd at Dew Tour Women’s Pro Park, finishing behind Nicole Hause and ahead of Jordyn Barratt. Check out her run right here.
  4. Jordyn Barratt is a regular footed skater from Haleiwa, HI.  She won 1st place in in the Vans Skate Park Series, Malmo, SW 2018.
  5. Arianna Carmona from Buena Park, CA. She has been part of the contest circuit for many years.
  6. Jordan Santana from Houston, TX. 15 years old and gunning for the Olympics.
  7. Minna Stess from Petaluma, CA. Is coming in at just 13 years old. She has been skating since she was almost 1 year old. By the time she was 8 she was skating the mega ramp. This will be a name to watch out for in the future.Check out this video here to see her skate!

Men’s Park Team

  1. Alex Sorgente is from Lake Worth, FL. Has won multiple gold medals including X games and the Vans Skate Park Series. Check out his Gold Winningrun video here.
  2. Tom Schaar from Malibu, CA. Is the first person to land a 1080 on a skateboard. Which is three full rotations while holding onto your skateboard. He has won multiple medals for skateboarding, including a Gold in the Big Air contest. You’re going to want to keep an eye on him. Check out this video to see why.
  3. Tristan Rennie from Rialto, CA. He has won multiple medals in the X games and Vans Skate Park Series. And has also won the Protect Pool Park that takes place at the Vans skate park in Orange County, CA.
  4. Zion Wright from Jupiter, FL. He’s an all terrain machine, who could equally be competing in the street contest as well as the park section. He has multiple video parts of just his street skills. But, this could be an amazing opportunity to show his transition skating as well.
  5. Cory Juneau from San Diego, CA. He has been skating park and bowl contest for many years already. He placed 1st in the Vans park series in France 2019.
  6. Heimana Reynolds from Honolulu, HI. This guy always has a smile on his face and is a great skater. He placed 1st at the ISO Nanjing Olympic Qualifier.

Women’s Street Team

  1. Alexis Sablone from Old Saybrook, CT. Is a long time skater in the woman’s skate scene. She was recently just announced to be apart of the Converse Pro Team. Outside of skateboarding, she is also an architect and artist.
  2. Lacey Baker from Covina, CA. She has won multiple X games medals, and has been on the woman’s skate scene for a long time. Here’s a video of her winning a Silver X-Games metal from last year.
  3. Mariah Duran from Albuquerque, NM. Another winner of multiple X games gold medals.
  4. Alana Smith from Fort Worth, TX. Won silver at X games Barcelona in 2013. This made her the youngest medalist in X games history. She is also the first woman to land a Mctwist in competition.
  5. Samarria Brevard from Riverside, CA. She placed 2nd at the Minneapolis X games in 2017. And has competed in the Real Street X games contest. Check out this highlight clip!

Men’s Street Team

  1. Jagger Eaton from Mesa, AZ. He went from the amateur contests to the pro contests and immediately started placing in the top three in the X-Games. He is also a competitor in the mega ramp competitions. So he can skate it all.
  2. Nyjah Huston of Laguna Beach, CA. Of course. He has won many of the Street League Series contests, and is one of the best street contest skaters of all time. He skated his first skateboard contest when he was 6 years old. Then won the Tampa Pro contest when he was just 10. It is pretty easy to see why he is here. Check out this quick video part.
  3. Dashawn Jordan from Chandler, AZ. He’s buttery smooth even on the largest obstacles, and is just a pleasure to watch skate.
  4. Jamie Foy from Deerfield Beach, CA. He was Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year, and has just been killing it.
  5. Maurio McCoy from Reading, PA. Competed in Dew Tour and left quite an impact.

In Conclusion

I hope this helps answer questions you might have about who is actually on the Skateboarding Olympics team for the United States. As we still have another qualifying season to go, it’s likely to change as things go on.

Are you excited for Skateboarding to be in the Olympics next year? Who do you want to see on the team? Leave it in the comments below and let us know on Instagram!


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