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Classic B 5 Panel Hat

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Classic B 5 Panel Hat. Adjustable strap – one size fits all.

Nigel once went over the top of the wall ride and disappeared. He came back 4 minutes later. Turns out there’s a time warp up there that sends you back to 1983. He found this hat on the floor and brought it back. We put a Braille logo on it. No one has gone over the top of the wall ride since.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Devin Hill
I love these 5 Panel hats

I already have the Never Give Up 5 panel hat, and before I got it I wasn't sure if I'd like the feel of the 5 panel style. I just haven't really found a lot of hat shapes that I think suit my head shape and stuff. But I ended up loving the 5 panel hat, it's super cozy and I think looks good on me. So I got this classic B design so I'd have one to wear at work and keep the other one to wear outside of work. That way I don't beat up my main one, ya know? And I love it. I also like that I'm representing Braille at my workplace!

Bobbi M.

Perfect for skateboarding in the heat. Keeps my face shaded and my head is a lot cooler then when wearing a helmet. Dries quickly and adjusts to fit my tiny head.

Rob Hutchinson
Awesome! Classic design and fit

This is a classic! Nice Braille b on the front and a great design. Cool adjustment and classic design and fit.

Sweet! Thanks so much for your review!

Kevin O'Brien

Super slick hat, fits so well and a lot of adjustment. ALSO big thing with 5 panel hats some you can’t wear backwards due to the weird back adjustment, but this one looks just as good backwards and forwards!!

William Laughlin

Love this hat. 

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