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Sponsored Skater Deck

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Comes with :
1 Sponsored Skater skateboard deck

Now you, yes YOU, can now be a "sponsored skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area".

About our Graphic Decks

Quality- our promise to you.

Braille has always been about helping people learn to skate. Whether you are just starting out, learning the basics, or you are a seasoned skater learning more advanced tricks, you don’t want a low-quality skateboard holding you back. 

That’s why all our Graphic Decks are made by PS Stix

Paul “The Professor” Schmitt, the founder of PS Stix, has been designing and producing skateboards for nearly four decades. His factory is the standard in premium skateboard manufacturing. Over the past 35 years, PS Stix has built over 19 million skateboard decks for some of the most well renowned companies in the industry. With a PS Stix deck you can be assured you are getting the same quality wood, the same meticulously designed shape and concave, that many of the world's top professional skateboarders are riding.

*Decks with a width of 8.25 will not be PS Stix unless specifically requested. Instead they will be made by Clutch which is a company we consider to be on par with PS Stix. Bamboo decks are not made by PS Stix.

5% of profits to the First Try Foundation to help grow skateboarding and give skateboards to those in need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mason Valentine

The grip tape didn't come in with the board. I love your channel though keep up the good work. I'm learning my switches and pop. Love the board has great pop

Zane Jones

Amazing quality board, can’t wait to start rolling through my city of Williamsport PA on this. 


Looks great! Stoked to have this!!

Antonio Jesus

Great quality deck graphic is sick! Can’t decide fo skate it or hang it up!!!

Thomas Cranmer

Good quality deck fairly light has a nice mellow concave

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Braille Skateboarding is to inspire, motivate and teach the world to skateboard. We believe that anyone can and should skateboard regardless of age, color, body shape or size.

Here at Braille we want everyone to feel like they can progress on their board and learn to skate! That’s the basis that Braille is built off of and we won’t stop until skateboarding is the most popular sport in the