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Thunder Polished Lights II Skateboard Trucks

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Thunder has done it again with the Thunder Polished Lights II 147 Skateboard Truck -- a lightweight setup that doesn't give up one ounce of durability.

Comes as a set of 2 trucks.


Axle Width (in): 7.75
Recommended Board Width (in): 7.5 - 7.75

Axle Width (in): 8.0
Recommended Board Width (in): 7.75 - 8.25


  • Axle Width (in): 8.25


Premium Lightweight Design

Ultra Quick Response & Control

Premium Grade Hollow Kingpin

High Grade Forged Aluminum Baseplate

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
X-mas gift! Pending review.

I bought these trucks as a Christmas gift for a board customizer. The project is t completed yet so can’t review officially until the board is completed. They feel like a quality product in hand and I like how they look.

S.M. Raths
These trucks are sweet!

Been an Indy fan since I was a kid, usually skate their forged hollows, but ordered these to give some Thunders a try. Now that I have had some time to ride them, they are solid! Great turning radius, similar to Indy and way better than Krux, they feel a lot tighter and really stable. I'm over 200lbs these days, and I have put Bones hard bushings on my Indy's for riding street, but these Thunders with their original bushings felt great after a relatively quick break in and a slight tightening. No need to change to a higher durometer bushing on these guys, I feel like I have a good range from medium to hard within a thread depth of adjustment. These are well built, great turning, high quality, and ride great for what I do.

Thanks so much, glad you like 'em!! Keep skating :)

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