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Neon First Try Handskate by Handskates

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These MINI 11 inch skate boards are perfect for rainy days when you can’t go out and skate, but you want to practice anyway. They are also great for warm sunny days when you just want to have fun.  They are also awesome in the Fall…. and Spring.  Pretty much, they are amazing all year round!

We may or may not host handboard competitions at the Braille House in the future, so get yours today and start preparing just in case!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Excellent product, great quality. 

Alijah Ternan

These are so amazing but don't stand on it . Lol 

C. W. A

Great experience and a great product. My son found this skateboard on the web and asked if I’d order it. I’m not into them personally, but it wasn’t expensive and it is kinda cool so I ordered it for him. It arrived quickly and its a quality product. I guess I was expecting something along the lines that Wish would send. Not at all. Let me tell you, he and his best friend (13, and 12 years old) love the thing. They play with it daily. In this age of technology, getting them off of their phones, computers, and tablets is a definite plus. They do their little hand tricks with this giant sized fingerboard and then head outside with their real skateboards. Of all the “stuff” he’s found online and asked for, this is the only one I can think of that I’m pretty pleased I bought for him.


The quality is much better than other hand boards and it is so much fun as I have bad knees now and can’t do flip tricks anymore on my skateboard. The only problem I had is the truck actually snapped and it is now unusable.

Matthew Morris

Arrived early, Braille team was very helpful and really values their customers. Handboard is amazing. I would and have recommended BRAILLE to my friends and family. Thanks BRAILLE.

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Braille Skateboarding is to inspire, motivate and teach the world to skateboard. We believe that anyone can and should skateboard regardless of age, color, body shape or size.

Here at Braille we want everyone to feel like they can progress on their board and learn to skate! That’s the basis that Braille is built off of and we won’t stop until skateboarding is the most popular sport in the