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Classic Braille Blue Handskate by Handskates

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These MINI 11 inch skate boards are perfect for rainy days when you can’t go out and skate, but you want to practice anyway. They are also great for warm sunny days when you just want to have fun.  They are also awesome in the Fall…. and Spring.  Pretty much, they are amazing all year round!

We may or may not host handboard competitions at the Braille House in the future, so get yours today and start preparing just in case!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alexander Hodge
The truck broke

[****] it's a good board, it works well, it's just that the only problem is that after 17 minutes of playtime, one end of a truck broke, sending the wheel and screw quite a few feet away. I was able to find the peices and glue it back together carefully with some super glue, but now that screw cannot be adjusted, but the board works now.


I believe this was the first purchase I made from Braille, haven't reviewed it until now. I got it because after loving their videos, tutorials, and their mission to spread positivity throughout skating and make skating more approachable to everyone of all backgrounds, shapes, ages, and sizes, I wanted to support them and get something from their store. I got SMS I think at the same time as getting this handskate board. And the reason I got the handskate board, besides being curious about them in general, was because at the time I didn't need any new skateboard gear, I already had two new-ish setups, I had/have too many clothes of all types and couldn't justify getting any more, etc. So I figured I'd say what the hey and get my first handskate board from them. And it was a great buy, other than for supporting the Braille team, this thing is very fun. Sadly I'm better at handskating than I am at real skating lol

Susan Terzuoli
This was a favorite

Grandson was happy to get the Handskate for his birthday.

Devin Hill
Fun and challenging

The handskate is a fun toy but also gives a good challenge much like regular skateboarding. It's nice to have this for when the weather outside is terrivle and you want to get your skating fix. It's also a great product to buy if you want to help support all the wonderful people at Braille but don't need/use regular skateboarding products. Even if you don't handskate but love Braille and their videos, this is a cool collectible or decoration to put on a wall or desk.

Junior Chavarria
Rookie Handboarder

Handboard is good just the trucks wish they were made of metal I would last longer from breaking

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