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Gecko Non-Abrasive Griptape

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We are stoked to introduce Gecko Non-Abrasive Griptape!!! 

This griptape is non-abrasive, but has a consistency that closely approximates that of regular grip tape. Gecko Grip provides the same secure grip without all the shoe-wrecking, so you can keep on skating without ruining your shoes. 

Customer Reviews

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Kayle Naugher
Something new

One on the board you really can’t tell the difference between standard and this , but keep in mind that when installing there will be like a loose fibers that Will cover what ever you have the board laying on when applying. That’s really the only negative , I’m not sure about how it does with water that sounds like a thing for the braille guys to test

Really 4.5 stars.

Ok, so it feels and skates just like regular grip tape. But a couple things to know. It's SUPER messy. Another review showed the "shedding" that it puts off. It's not crazy bad but when you grind the edge to cut the tape, it's like you're shaving velcro all over. So do it outside. Then you'll notice build up on your shoes. Now that's obviously no issue as it wipes off and doesn't damage your shoes at all. Also a little stiff while cutting it. Even used a brand new razor and it took a little more effort than I expected (probably since grinding the edges down doesn't wear it like regular grip tape).

Rips just like normal once you're set up.

Ian Anderson
Absolutely love it!!!!

I've tried DKL and No Rip Grip Pro, but Gecko is by far the best! Other non abrasives feel like you don't even have grip tape, but this one is so grippy! It kinda feels like Velcro, but scratchier.

A bit messy

Its sick, using like normal griptape. but straight out of the packaging it leaves these little hair looking things all over the place! animal hair does tend to cling on but I found using a lint roller quickly solves that issue. overall its great, super grippy and after a use or two all the loose hairs seem to be gone. Thank you braille!

Isiah Thomas
Its griptape!

It grips, and its tape. 9/10

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