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Blank Complete Skateboards (Random Colored)

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This comes with a fully assembled complete skateboard of the highest quality.

*Please note: The color of the deck you get will be chosen at random from the colors we have available at the time of purchase. If there is a specific color you would prefer, please put your request in the notes section upon checkout. We cannot guarantee it will be available, but we will do our best!

What comes on our Blank Completes? 

Quality- our promise to you.

Braille has always been about helping people learn to skate. Whether you are just starting out, learning the basics, or you are a seasoned skater learning more advanced tricks, you don’t want a low-quality skateboard holding you back. 

That’s why all our Blank Completes come standard with a PS Stix deckJessup grip, and Mini Logo Components.

PS Stix Decks: Paul “The Professor” Schmitt, the founder of PS Stix, has been designing and producing skateboards for nearly four decades. His factory is the standard in premium skateboard manufacturing. Over the past 35 years, PS Stix has built over 19 million skateboard decks for some of the most well renowned companies in the industry. With a PS Stix deck you can be assured you are getting the same quality wood, the same meticulously designed shape and concave, that many of the world's top professional skateboarders are riding.

Mini Logo: Mini Logo uses the same high-quality materials and manufacturing process as their parent company Powell-Peralta, one of the oldest skateboard companies in the business with a reputation for making professional-grade skateboards and components. 

Mini Logo Trucks feature straight precision 8mm axles to ensure your wheels are rolling true, ultra high rebound urethane bushings for smooth precise control, lightweight hollow base plates, and a lower riding height for a crisp pop. Mini Logo’s curved hangers feature their unique “Grind Lock” design to keep you locked-in to every grind. They are the preferred truck of Olympic skateboarder Andy Anderson. Need we say more?

Mini Logo Wheels come standard on all our Graphic Completes. We use 53mm size and 101A hardness which is the perfect combination for learning tricks. Mini Logo wheels combine long-lasting, high-rebound, pro-grade urethane made by the Skate One Corporation, a manufacturer with over 40 years of wheel pouring expertise. 

Mini Logo Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings produced by the industry’s leading bearing manufacturer. They have removable rubber shields on both sides of the bearing for added durability, a high-speed molded ball retainer, and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™.

Want something different than what comes standard on our Blank Completes? Go Custom!

For our customers who prefer to pick out each part of their skateboard individually, Braille offers a wide selection of some of the most popular brands of trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip. Just fill a cart with the skateboard parts of your choosing, and you can either put it together yourself, or leave us a message under “customer comments” during checkout letting us know that you would like us to assemble it for you (at no extra charge).  All of our graphic decks come on PS Stix.

*Decks with a width of 8.25 will not be PS Stix unless specifically requested. Instead they will be made by Clutch which is a company we consider to be on par with PS Stix. Bamboo decks are not made by PS Stix.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Adam Penhollow
Shreddy to go!

I purchased this board along with the Nigel Jones pro Model as well as a few other parts and accessories. Love the boards, they feel so much better than my crappy Zumiez board I got just to get me skating.

Thank you Braille for nailing it again with the beautiful random colored deck as well as Nigel's Pro model ( fire graphic, fire skater, fire dude ) The board feel is perfection, thank you for continuing to help me!

Chris Riccio
Skateboard does skateboard things…

Legit solid board, 32 years old trying to relive some youth and get back into skateboarding and teach my kids as well, this board does the job . Glad I made the purchase from here.

Thanks so much for your support. Have fun skating again :)

Justin Bauer

Natural Blank Complete Skateboards

Issac Brackett
Great first board

If this is gonna be your first board purchase and your skeptical … don’t be best decision you’ll ever make 💯💯💯

3 year update

Look if you want a cheap, beginner complete then sure but as you don't get a choice on the hardware, there is literally no telling what you get. As for what I received, the board, trucks, and bearings are fine but the wheels needed to be swapped almost immediately. The wheels that came with the set were literal rocks and not good for anything outside of a surface that was specifically designed for skating. overall I give this complete a 6.5/10. What would elevate this to a more acceptable score would be to list where the hardware is from instead of saying you get what you get and you don't get upset. For the future of skating, don't cheat kids out of 100 bucks.

Our Purpose

Our purpose here at Braille Skateboarding is to inspire, motivate and teach the world to skateboard. We believe that anyone can and should skateboard regardless of age, color, body shape or size.

Here at Braille we want everyone to feel like they can progress on their board and learn to skate! That’s the basis that Braille is built off of and we won’t stop until skateboarding is the most popular sport in the