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Braille Non-Abrasive Griptape

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We are so excited to announce Braille non-abrasive grip!
Save your shoes. Save the world.

DKL Griptape won’t rip your shoes because its material is similar to the rubber found on ping pong paddles. Tested and proved legit alternative to sandpaper.

Instead of abrasion, we use concepts like molecular adhesion and the plow effect to achieve the same friction as sandpaper.

Dimensions: 33" x 9.25"



How to apply:

  • 1. Cut with a razor not already dulled by sandpaper
  • 2. Trim the grip at a tapered angle
  • 3. Sand the edges down
  • *see also our “How To Apply” video

TIP #2: DKL Griptape works best if your shoes don’t already have giant holes in them since it’s designed to grip your shoe’s material.

TIP #3: For a good as new grip, simply wipe with a damp rag to clean.



Customer Reviews

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Question (going to delete it when answered)

Since it is not stated in the product description, is this the newest gen or an older one? Further on, (apart from the braille logo) is this the same product as the DLK non-abrasive Griptape?
thanks in Advance :)

Andriy Hural

I like it, the shoes remain intact.


Not a big fan . Tried something new and went right back to the old ways. There is nothing blue in the b which was a disappointment, I wanted to put it in the ghost Braille pro model. That’s blue, and zero packing which was odd.


Absolutely love the grip! Even wet it does the job well. Only issue is getting the edge right, if you don’t get the edge right you will get peeling or chipping. Take your time applying and you are golden.


Really awesome and my shoes thank you

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