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Key Chain Skate Tool

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Never be caught without a skate tool again! These are extremely convenient skate tools that you can hook onto keys, backpacks, body parts or anywhere else you can put a keychain. Okay, body parts was a joke. Please do not hook these directly onto your body.

More Info
Not all of us skate with a hip-bag, fanny-pack, or back-pack for carrying a classic T-tool 24-7. And putting a T-tool in your pocket and skating looks weird, feels weird, and slamming on it…fogettabout it! TITAN Skateboard Tools have the solution: 7 skate tools that go on your key-ring, in the shape and size of two tough-as-nails house-keys.

Each set of 2 tempered steel keys comes with:
  • a wheel wrench
  • a kingpin wrench
  • a 3/8″ wrench for trucks
  • a phillips screwdriver
  • an allen wrench
  • a grip-tape file
  • and a bonus bottle-opener

Customer Reviews

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The screwdriver is not deep enough I nearly cross bit the screw head or whatever.

Gammaliel Arredondo

This is the second portable keychain skate tool that I have extensively tested while on the road and in many different situations. I currently only have my long board for transportation around our steep Seattle hills, on top of that we ride Surfskate so the adapter requires a few more extra work. So, having a strong and dependable but easy-to-carry tool set is extremely useful, since now I don't have to carry the T-Tool in my pocket (NOT good when bombing hills and carving like a surfboard) nor do I have to take off my VERY secure backpack every time I need to make a small adjustment or tweak. Besides having all the adapters the traditional T-Tool has, the Philips and Flat-Head screw drivers where SO MUCH EASIER to use than most of our portable tool sets (for example, the well known Carabine Skate Tool or the typical L-Key's on most T-Tools). The fact that they are so compact not only makes it easier to carry, it's also SUPER effective on our adapters since it can easily get into harder to reach spots

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