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Andy Anderson Baby Heron (Vajra) Flight Skateboard Deck

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The Andy Anderson Baby Heron (Vajra) Flight Skateboard Deck is designed with pro-level performance in mind. Featuring specific spots for foot placement and board control, the unique shape of this high-performance carbon fiber deck is suitable for every skateboarding level. Extras like its grab spots provide additional control and precision.

This deck is constructed with a strong and lightweight carbon fiber design. Its innovative construction provides maximum stability and durability while optimizing its functionality.

With this new design created by the renowned Andy Anderson, you'll get the performance and feel you need from a board that's as unique as the pro skater himself.


Customer Reviews

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Keith Murray
Great board!!!

Hope these get restocked soon!! This deck is amazing. Set mine up with Mini Logo 8.0" (8.38 should work as well) trucks and Andy Anderson Powell Peralta 52mm 97A Nano Cubic wheels.


Awesome deck. Love Andy and you won't find a better price for his newest board. This thing has pop for days!!

Anthony Shepard
: Part Selection :

I'm in the progress of selectively selecting the right parts, get back to you soon.
🐢 🛹 🐢 🛹 🐢 🛹

Zale Dunbar

Saw this thing and knew I had to get one! It's so weird, but in a good way. Definitely helps a lot with tricks over all. Great for beginners or any skill level. Thanks Braille and Andy!

Tanya Horton Alves
Skate board

Well, I don't skateboard so I can't even begin to give a review but the board I purchased is for my son Andrew for Christmas. He's 16 and is a HUGE fan of the Braille team. This board was on the top of his list. All I need now are the trucks and wheels. Fortunately I'm a single mom and I take care of my parents so I don't work out of home. Maybe, just maybe for his birthday he'll get the rest. Yalls products are awesome.

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